Dropper Mini 40

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Dropper mini machine series are designed for beginners to understand whether they really want to get involved in this business. This product is relatively inexpensive but with the same quality rating and it has a lower yield. With this still you can fully understand and master the manufacturing process with minimal funds. Throughput is completely sufficient to manufacture small batches of products for marketing research purposes and at the same time to be able to recover all investments. This product is ideal for those customers who have small production license.

This is a universal distillation machine with the useful volume of 36 liters.

Used materials.
The column is made of pure copper pipes. In component soldering we used lead-free solder. Column is filled with ceramic raschig rings who are specifically made for rectifying processes. Rings are chemically inert. Boiling pot is made of food aluminum.  O-rings are sealed with silicone with increased temperature and ethanol endurance.
Often people ask us, why we use copper instead stainless steel?
In this specific construction copper has his advantages. Up to date, the most expensive and the most famous whiskeys and cognacs are fermented and distilled in copper stills. www.a-holstein.de Copper is used not because it is a tradition but because it is the only way how to obtain a quality drinking spirit. In this process copper works like catalyst.  (Not to be confused with yellow brass!)
Stainless steel is mainly used to obtain technical alcohol at industrial conditions. Stainless steel is at least 3X cheaper, but alcohol may have hydrogen sulfide taste. After such technology produces technical and medical alcohol as well as cheap vodka.
By the way, medical alcohol is not the best and the purest spirit as its purpose is for external use, disinfections and compresses. And minor impurities in its composition does not interfere with its function. So medical alcohol and drinking alcohol are two completely different things. Quality drinking alcohol you can obtain only by rectification method.
Alcohol obtained with still Dropper has very high degree of purity, as proof we have a chemical analysis of the composition.

1.   Capacity 36 liters
2.   Power (max) 2,85 kW
3.   Productivity: first still 3,5 – 4 l/h
         second still 0,8 – 1,0 l/h
4.   Cooling water consumption 27 l/h
5.   Height 1,85 meters
6.   Weight (dry) 16,8 kg
7.   Column diameter (external) 54 mm
8.   Column capacity 2 liters
9.   Column filling Ceramic raschig rings
DROPPER 40EXP dimensions: 0,46 x 0,46 x 0,56 meters, weight: 17 kg.
1.   Boiling pot with lid, heating element and power regulator 1 pcs
2.   Power cable 1 pcs
3.   Column 460 mm 2 pcs
4.   Dephlegmator witht tap and termometer1 pcs
5.   Cooler housing with a spiral 1 pcs
6.   Exhaust pipe1 pcs
8.   Ceramic raschig rings 2 liters
9.   Users manual 1 pcs
10. Column isolation 2 pcs
Distillation process controller

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