Autonomous cooling system ACS

systemaIt is possible to make a autonomous cooling system for our stills.
For this system you will need:

  • Controller block
  • Circulation pump
  • Heat exchanger or radiator
  • Expansion tank
  • Connections

The control block provides the circulation pump feeding and ensures it turns on and off correctly. Heat exchanger provides heat removal from the coolant. Heat exchanger shown in picture is only as an example. In reality, the heat exchanger needs much greater capacity (see heat radiator calculation). As coolant can be used water as well as any type of antifreeze. The system can be set up in two ways - the closed and the open. A closed system is slightly (only slightly) more complexed but prevents heat evaporation, parts corrosion and provides a more even flow (in our case it is very important). Closed system requires an expansion tank and connections. Expansion tank size depends on the amount of water present in the system but usually it is the smallest commercially available (2 – 5 liters). Cooler connections have to be designed for systems with high pressure.
Establishing such system gives you a row of gains:

  • Full independence from the water supply and sewerage;
  • Significantly saves financial resources for water and sewage charges;
  • When the system is filled with antifreeze then you become independent from the weather;
  • Heat from the heat exchanger can be used as heater and you save again.

All above mentioned components can also be purchased with us.