About us

Combining a strong team of professionals, experienced engineering knowledge, energy and creative potential we have created a unique products. Our engineers have experience in chemical industrial equipment, gases and aggressive liquid treatment plant design and construction. As well as manufacturing plant design and construction.
Our team motto is “simplicity and functionality”. All equipment created by us have to be able to fully realize the technological processes. And at the same time they have to be safe, simple to use and affordable to run.
Products by our team, including still “DROPPER”, always meet these principles. It is one of the many factors, with what our still is different from others. We developed our still by gathering information from more progressive American and Scandinavian experiences. Its construction was created on serious theoretical and practical base. In order to expand and explore our distillation equipment we regularly keep in touch with our customers. We are always happy to hear your comments, suggestions and needs. We work for our customers.

Dropper pilesDropper pilesDropper piles