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FOOD EXPO 2015Spirit drink making we can trace back in very distant past. Historians still don't know when the spirit making began in Latvia but in the early literature brandy use mentioned often enough. And it is not like someone brought it from far far away. More likely it was made here.
Aura of secrecy and mystery, that always coiled this craft, have attracted people at all times. It is just in human nature. Luckily nowadays in more and more country's spirit production at home have been made legal. Unfortunately not in Latvia. But that have never stopped Latvians from making a moonshine. And everyone knows that a bottle of moonshine have been used as currency at all times. But now closer to the case. Name “moonshine” many people associate with horrible fluid that gives you a shivers just from smelling it. And what happens if you try to drink it, scary even to imagine. These feelings we have inherited from last mid century, when technology of making moonshine were far from perfect. Latvians know moonshine under name “kanja”. First we came across kanja in far East at Russian and Japanese war. Where Latvian solders were introduced to a really bad vodka. In Korean called “hanja”.
We think it is time to change this stereotype. We should look at kanja differently and understand what it means. It is self made drink which does not need to stink. And drinking it should not be a though challenge to your throat and stomach. Time moves on and so does the technology. Keeping that in mind, we have heavily researched modern technologies in alcohol production. And based on the acquired knowledge we have developed a unique and universal still. The principle of our still is significantly different from the widespread kanja ones. Still “DROPPER” is based on rectification or separation principle. Basically, light fractions (distillate) rises to the top, but the heavy fractions (furfural, fusel oils) are stopped in the column and returned back into the pot. We achieve this separation with column fillings. As filling we use ceramic raschig rings, which are specifically made for rectifying columns. As a result we get clean, high quality distillate with concentration of 94-96%. Scientists call it distillation with deflegmacija, I do not think it makes much difference in everyday use. More importantly is to understand the principle and achieve a good beverage.
Most common question!
Why should I spend my money on the still and go through all that hustle to make homemade alcohol, when I can afford to go to shop an buy any alcohol I desire.
We do not compete with factory made alcohol and we are not trying to stop you from buying alcohol in the shops. But we offer you to take a look to this craft from a different angle. To make your own alcohol is like to make your own food. It will not put in danger restaurants, cafes or any other food business. It only expands our freedom of choice.
Why do we cook at home? Firstly, it is interesting. Like making your own bread, sausages or pickles. Secondly, 100 % guarantee what we get. In other words, you know what you cook. When it is alcohol, then you get absolutely clean product. Without any technical wood-spirits or synthetic mixtures which leaves a indelible marks in our health.

Eight characteristics which makes our still different from others:

  • The still is fully assembled, including with thermal insulated double-wall for boiling pot. This significantly saves electricity. Even though, electricity is the most expensive (and the best) source of energy, at the end it will work out cheaper then gas.
  • Equipped with electric power regulator. Provides stable work processes at different amounts of distillation and also saves electricity.
  • Consumes only what is currently needed.
  • Very simple to use. There is no specific temperature regimes. Just follow the instructions.
  • You can adjust amount of back flow or reflux. This is a major factor to obtain a high quality product.
  • Purchasing this still you get not only the machine but also delicate and thorough instruction. In which step by step describes process of alcohol extraction, fermentation and dissolution. If you have never produced alcohol, then with these instructions you will be able to do it and you will get a full understanding of the process as whole.
  • Technical support. If you have any further questions, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • With this distillation machine you can obtain a variety of extracts and aromatic oils from various berry's.
  • Beverages produced by distilling machine "Dropper", won the highest rating in Latvian 1. kanja making festival.

Warning! Spirits extraction at home without a license in Latvia is illegal.